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IT Needs in Iraq

Iraq is totally behind the world in the Information Technology revolution and the country will require tremendous infrastructure to modernise the services and facilities to cope with the growth. All sectors in Iraq require a huge number of engineers to build up the IT services. These sectors include banking, land registry, health, police, educations, and all other private and public sectors.

The diagram below, which can be read from the bottom illustrate the overall needs in terms of equipment and HR skills to build an IT Infrastructure. 
The skills that should be focused on are:
Networking: This include skills in the following technologies  
  • Cisco
  • HP
  • 3Com
Servers (hardware with OS such as Windows Sever or Linux):
This include skills in the following technologies  
  • Domain Controllers ( DNS/DHCP/IP Addressing)
  • Mail Servers (Exchange Server)
  • File Servers: file server can help 100s of users to save their documents in secured location
  • Print Servers: print server manage large number of printers over the network
  • Backup Servers: backup server used to backup your daily data
  • Proxy Servers
  • Anti Virus Servers:
  • Load Balancing: share load between multiple servers

Note: all the above can be learnt if you follow the MCSIT certifcations. read more

Infrastructure Engineers: Install, configure and maintain Windows Server, Active Directory, Domain Controllers networking (DNS/DHCP etc), Backup Server, patching, troubleshooting etc
Network Engineers: Install, configure and maintain Cisco routers, fiber optic cabling, subnetting, connectivity and all networking aspects
Help Desk or Service Desk: Support 100s of users and respond to their daily enquirers from Internet usage to MS office and outlook for emails
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